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To promote and encourage the sports of archery and bow hunting in the County of Westchester and state of New York;

To support true sportsmanship and ethics among those who hunt and fish in lawful and legal manner;

To foster, promote, and encourage the development, and maintenance of technical proficiency in the use of archery equipment by its members;

To encourage support of the fish and game laws of this state;

To aid in the formulation and establishment of sound policies and practices designed to conserve, restore, protect, and safely regulate the natural resources of this State in general, and the County of Westchester in particular;

To promote and encourage better understanding among its members and the general public as to the proper role of bow hunting in wildlife management and conservation;

To encourage, promote, and provide social and friendly intercourse, and good fellowship, among its members;

To work for the respect and acknowledgement of the just rights of property owners and encourage a close and friendly relationship between property owners and bow hunters.