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Congratulations on your decision to take the first step in protecting your right to hunt and enjoy the beauty and wildlife of Westchester County.  By initiating your membership you are contributing to an organization that is dedicated to protecting “your rights” to hunt in Westchester.

Since the creation of our charter in 1979, the Westchester County Bowhunters Association has worked at expanding the knowledge of local non-hunters in order that they understand the importance of sound wildlife conservation, and by that we mean effectively controlling Westchester County’s deer populations through Bow hunting.  The WCBA, because of its close affiliation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, has had the responsibility of gathering mush of the vital information needed to improve the County’s deer population.  Because of our assistance to the DEC, they have supported us in changing legislation regarding hunting in Westchester County.  One example is the Bonus Deer Permit system that enables successful hunters to obtain additional tags simply by having their harvest aged at a check station.  This opportunity was initially announced by the DEC to the members the WCBA, exclusively.  In addition, WCBA is proud to have initiated the “HUNTERS FEEDING the HUNGERY” program in Westchester.  This program allows the donation of venison to the needy through the organized distribution channel.  We have worked hard to accomplish these goals, however there is much left to do.

The threat of “Antis” is a priority that requires our focused attention.  Although this group is a small percentage of the total voting population, they are well organized and capable of influencing both the voting public and lawmakers.  Only through working harder to educate the masses can we hope to preserve our rights.

Another huge issue is getting the next generation involved in archery and bow hunting.  Our nation has changed significantly in the past twenty five years.  More and more youngster are failing to be exposed to the joys and wonders of the outdoors.  In this age of computers, video games, and instant gratification, where ducks say AFLAC, milk comes from the store, and animals are only seen in the zoo, children are losing an important connection to the environment.  We need to act now to ensure that this trend to turn around.  To help make this change, the WCBA encourages youth participation in 3D shoots and helps teach archery at local environmental education centers.  We know programs like these make sound investments for the future of hunting.  Do your part, teach a child archery, take them with you on your next scouting trip or to hang a tree stand, even take them along on a hunt.

Our mission in Westchester County is unique in many ways particularly because of the high standards of living its privileged inhabitants possess.  This class of families is our customer, without their support, hunting in Westchester County could become a thing of a past…..overnight.

So as you can see, we have much to do. I urge you to get involved with our club and I challenge you to contribute to our cause.  Only through our membership can we accomplish our Goals, Thanks for joining. I look forward to working with you.

Doug Erickson
WCBA President.